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Child Care

ELS provides child care for parents who are enrolled at ELS in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) and have children under five who need care.

You can use

  • a registered child care centre
  • a registered home-based carer through Family Day Care
  • a friend or family member who is a registered carer
  • child minding services at AMEP Community classes

The Child care centres, child minder or Family Day carer are carefully selected according to your family’s needs.

Children are cared for in safe places where they learn many things

  • they meet children from different countries
  • they are looked after by friendly and caring child care workers

Childcare is free on the days and times you are in your AMEP class but only if you attend your class. If you do not attend your class you cannot use the child care service.

An Educational Counsellor and Childcare Co-ordinator will help you arrange a place for your child when you enrol to join an ELC AMEP class.

"Since he started at childcare, my son's English is improving too." Boitumelo Basimolodi