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Work in Oz is a series of content based language learning resources for newly arrived migrants. It focuses on the world of work in Australia and explores a range of occupations through the eyes of Australian workers. The resource pack includes audio and video recordings and learning activities at three levels: Basic, Elementary and Intermediate. It is designed to assist students achieve Learning Outcomes from the Certificates 1, 2 and 3 in Spoken and Written English.

Is designed for preliterate and low literacy beginner ESL learners. Each unit commences with a narrative and comprehension questions then interactive pair work and group work where learners share and practise. The emphasis on interaction is a major strength of this book.

Jobs - Let's Begin
Is particularly useful for post beginner, low literacy learners. Through narratives about the job search activities of newly-arrived migrants and refugees learners explore the stages of finding a job including developing the skills to write their own resume.

Nick the Handyman
The third title in the Work in Oz series. It explores the world of work through the occupation of a handyman. It also explores everyday household problems from the perspective of a handyman, a house owner and a tenant. It includes a wide range of spoken and written communication activities as well as numeracy practice.

Margo the Cleaner
The first in the Work in Oz series. In Level 1 we learn about Margo's job via a Powerpoint Story. In Levels 2 and 3 we see audio-visual recordings of Margo at work, hear her talk about her job, and watch oral presentations about issues to do with the workplace including safety, work conditions, and duties.

Nella the Childcare Worker
The second title in the Work in Oz series. In Level 1 we learn about Nella's job through a PowerPoint Story. Level 2 presents video recordings including Nella at work and some procedural texts. Level 3 includes oral presentations, procedures, and points of view of Nella, a child care lecturer, and a childcare director describing issues relating to the childcare environment such as the importance of play, good communication and hygiene. Activities include listening to complex spoken exchanges, reading protocols and research findings, role plays and numerous discussion topics.

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