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Get your Ls

The 'Get Your Ls' Resource Pack is a simple, easy to use resource designed to help people get their learner's permit. It combines clear, easily understood information about Australia's road rules with a range of interesting and varied individual and small group activities.

The practical and interactive nature of 'Get Your Ls' makes it a suitable teaching/learning tool for:

  • newly arrived migrants and refugees
  • secondary school students requiring additional literacy support
  • Indigenous learners
  • longer term migrants
  • adult literacy students
  • people with visual and interactive learning styles

Although the Resource Pack focuses on South Australian driver requirements, the material is based on the Australian Road Rules and can be readily adapted to other States and Territories.

The Resource Pack includes:

  • five illustrated books with each book devoted on a particular road rule theme
  • multiple choice questions (with answers)
  • activities and quizzes
  • A3 Intersections and Give Way cards
  • a CD Rom containing a wide variety of real life photographs to support all phases of the teaching and learning process eg. PowerPoint demonstrations, large flashcards etc

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