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Adelaide Sounds Good

"Adelaide Sounds Good" aims to engage the learner through active listening to a series of dialogues with follow up information about the location as well as pronunciation exercises. Each dialogue focuses on a problematic vowel or consonant and features instruction on how to make the sound. The dialogues are contextualised in a range of Adelaide venues eg AAMI Stadium, Waterfall Gully, Glenelg, etc, and are written in the style of young native speakers of English - incorporating many colloquialisms and some slang. The characters, Adelaide and Theo, are tertiary students and we watch and listen as they cover a number of different topics in their light hearted banter. The Student Workbook is designed to be used independently, in groups or class settings.

The Facilitator's Guide and the Student Workbook both with the DVD included in the cost is available for order at: http://shop.tafesa.edu.au