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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I choose a student?
  2. Do I have to be able to speak other languages to be a tutor?
  3. Do I have to have any teaching experience to become a tutor?
  4. How do you match tutors and students?
  5. How far will I be expected to travel?
  6. How is the best way to help students feel at home in Australia?
  7. How will tutoring benefit me?
  8. I don’t get on with my student
  9. If I suspect there is family violence?
  10. If I’m a qualified teacher do I have to do the training?
  11. Is there a text book I can use?
  12. My student and I have different views on religion or lifestyle?
  13. My student asks me something I don’t know?
  14. My student has problems other than language related?
  15. What are my responsibilities as a tutor?
  16. What do I have to do to become a tutor?
  17. What happens if I want to go on holiday?
  18. What’s the difference between tutoring and teaching?
  19. Who are the students and where are most of them from?
  20. Will I be able to come in for assistance at any time?
  21. Will I be paid for expenses like travel and parking?